The goal of our program is to build a community of outstanding anglers who are willing to share information and knowledge about walleye fishing. Walleye 101 will provide access to the information you need to become a better walleye fisherman. Your role is to share information with both Walleye 101 Members and non-members on and off the water.  Together we can have a positive impact on anglers of all ages and the communities we visit.




The Teachin’ Fishin’ podcasts, hosted by Lance Valentine are a great way to stay up to date on things in the fishing industry. Lance has a broad range of industry professionals that he interviews. The podcasts are also available as a video, so whether you prefer audio as you’re driving down the road, or you like to watch some of the interaction you will be sure to love it.





Check out our selection of fishing related videos that you can rent or purchase and watch immediately. Handy for cold winter days or days in the boat and you want to use it as a reference on a mobile device on the water.